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Their powerhouse vocals and crazy showmanship totally brought the house down

They're scary good

"This concert made me, a 53 year old man, feel like he was 18 again!!!”

STYXOLOGY gave a seamless, high energy performance that captivated the very large crowd... Using no vocal tracks or recorded music this is a band NOT to be missed. 

We have tribute bands here every week, and this is one of the tightest, best bands I've ever seen

They carried the crowd effortlessly back to the 70s, 80's, 90's and then the current… Their motto "we play it all." Is spot on. STYXOLOGY is for every Styx fan.

O.M.G.!! I am one of THE BIGGEST STYX fans that ever was!! These guys ARE AMAZING!! I am blown away!! I've been a Styx fan since 1978!! Thank you guys!! You NAILED IT!!

Holy smokes... Amazing!!! I found them to be an incredibly gifted group of musicians (And dammit they were so unbelievably nice!!!). I would follow those musicians to the end of the earth!!!

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