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Dennis Atlas

In Mr. Gowan's own words, his “keyboard-spinnin’-brother,” Dennis Atlas is the only man for the job when it comes to channeling and bringing to life the critical role of the lead keyboards in STYX music. Dennis saw his first of 21 Styx / Dennis DeYoung Band concerts when he was 6 years old, and at 13, he and his dad built a spinning keyboard stand. When he met Michael Gavrizescu in middle school, they discovered their great passion for using their very distinct voices to harmonize together, and soon founded a Styx tribute band in Dennis’s garage.

That Styx tribute band was called ONE WITH EVERYTHING and was soon performing in casinos around the west coast before its band members were even legally allowed to be in them! After a few lineup changes and years of experience, the band decided to change its name and became the ultimate Styx show: STYXOLOGY.


Dennis is also performs with Michael Whelan and Scott Connor in their own original progressive rock band called Initiator.

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Michael Gavrizescu


There’s no man on earth who bares as uncanny a resemblance in voice, stage presence, and guitar wailing to the mighty godfather of Styx, James JY Young, as the sensational Mr. Michael Gavrizescu. The man of his own international touring act Burning Red, is asked to lend his unique talents to this tribute band for no other reason than that he is by-far the most qualified man in this world for the job of conquering the JY role. And because he is a never-yielding cannon blast of joy to play in a band with, to watch perform, and quite simply just to be around... Ok, I guess there’s actually a lot of reasons he’s in this band.


Michael Whelan

We almost couldn’t decide what position to put Michael in this band because he’s basically the best guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist known by... well, anyone who knows him. Not to mention he plays a mean mandolin, sitar, has a beautiful voice, he composes... and hey, he’s not too bad looking either! But he holds one of the most important jobs in the band, locking in the signature dual guitar action of Styx and nailing every lead and riff with total style and flash.


Whelan and Atlas have their own band of original music called Initiator.


Nolan Agamata

Nolan Agamata graduated from Musicians Institute in LA as one of the stand out students of the prestigious music school's existence. Nolan displays expansive talent and unique ability in both music composition (in a plethora of styles), and instrumental performance on guitar and bass.  

Styxology was introduced to Nolan's talent when he and Dennis Atlas met through some mutual friends and put together a performance in Hollywood featuring some of Nolan's original music and influences. 

Since his joining the group, the quality of the band's live harmonies improved ten-fold, which created a strong bond between this particular quintet. This can be characterized by the group's ritual a cappella warm up, which can sometimes be heard echoing from the backstage area if you show up early enough to a Styxology show...


Scott Connor

Scott Connor is the powerhouse-finesse drummer to awe the masses. With the melodic influence of Genesis, Styx, and Kansas, his style is the paramount of the rock-and-roll mountain, where heavy, toe-tapping groove meets song-centered flash. As Styxology drummer, he takes all the heart of John Panozzo and all the soul of Todd Sucherman, and blasts it out in his own Scott Connor way. He's also performed with YOSO (featuring members of Yes and Toto) and many successful classic rock tribute bands.

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