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Dennis Atlas

In Mr. Gowan's own words, his “keyboard-spinnin’-brother,” Dennis Atlas is the only man for the job when it comes to channeling and bringing to life the critical role of the lead keyboards in STYX music. Dennis saw his first of 20+ Styx / Dennis DeYoung Band concerts when he was 6 years old, and at 13, he and his dad built a spinning keyboard stand. When he met Michael Gavrizescu in middle school, they discovered their great passion for using their very distinct voices to harmonize together, and soon founded a Styx tribute band in Dennis’s garage.

That Styx tribute band was called ONE WITH EVERYTHING and was soon performing in casinos around the west coast before its band members were even legally allowed to be in them! After a few lineup changes and years of experience, the band decided to change its name and became the ultimate Styx tribute show: STYXOLOGY.


Dennis also released an album called "My Magical Wonderland" and performs with Sheldon, Sean, and Tyler in the band Squiggle Tooth.


Michael Gavrizescu


There’s no man on earth who bares as uncanny a resemblance in voice, stage presence, and guitar wailing to the mighty godfather of Styx, James JY Young, as the sensational Mr. Michael Gavrizescu. The man of his own international touring act Burning Red, is asked to lend his unique talents to this tribute band for no other reason than that he is by-far the most qualified man in this world for the job of conquering the JY role. And because he is a never-yielding cannon blast of joy to play in a band with, to watch perform, and quite simply just to be around... Ok, I guess there’s actually a lot of reasons he’s in this band.


Sean Vajra

Sean Vajra's unique approach to guitar and wicked sense of perfect pitch brings Styxology a special sense of musicality and flash.

Capabilities on 6-, 7-, 12-string, electric, acoustic, mandolin, lap steel, midi, double-neck, Spanish laud, and more is only one little part of what makes Sean one of the most versatile guitarists in the business.

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Sheldon Bonada

If Sheldon wasn't so unmistakably defined as a tremendous friend, father, band mate, singer, and bass man of all bass men, he would have to be defined as a bass-gear-collecting NUT! This man plays stereo bass with his fingers, feet, and sings all at the same time for Styxology.

Sheldon Bonada has been featured in recordings of hit songs you may have heard on the radio and on stage with national touring acts for over 15 years. His inclusion in Styxology has brought a new level of power and precision to the show, and a strong dedicated mindset to the band as a whole.

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Tyler Kretchmer

Tyler Kretchmer has the groove and punch to make any live rock show a good time. Born and raised in Redding, CA, he later moved to the sunny Orange County coast to pursue a life of rock and roll and a good day or two of surfing.

When he's not pounding away at his 6-stroke paradiddles and flam taps, the blue-eyed heartbreaker has been known to break out an electric guitar or make use of his soulful voice.

As Styxology drummer, he takes all the heart of John Panozzo and all the soul of Todd Sucherman, and blasts it out in his own Tyler Kretchmer way.

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